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Become a Volunteer Legal Supervisor

The IRU is supported by volunteers across the UK. If you have legal experience and can advise on issues relating ideally to crime, employment, education, housing, medical negligence and/or you wish to provide ad hoc assistance – you can become a volunteer legal supervisor for the IRU. Please submit your interest or email us for more information.

Become a Volunteer Caseworker

If you do not have legal experience but are passionate about supporting victims of Islamophobia, you can become a volunteer caseworker for the IRU by emailing us at with a curriculum vitae and personal statement of why you wish to join the IRU.

We will arrange telephone interviews with each applicant. If successful, applicants will be required to provide a valid DBS certificate and two references. Once obtained, applicants will be invited to complete a compulsory training programme which comprises a series of lectures and a case study assessment. Upon successful completion, each volunteer caseworker will be paired with a legal supervisor and allocated their first IRU case.

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