Success Stories

Barriers of Reporting: an IRU success story

UPDATE: The offender has been charged, and has had been forced to pay compensation of £100.00. In addition, the offender is required to complete 100 hours of work. On Monday 15th of October 2018, the Islamophobia Response Unit (IRU) received an email from a Muslim female of Black African origin, who for the purpose of this article […]

School Teacher faces Islamophobic abuse

The IRU offers advice and support to victims of Islamophobic hate incidents. Our team of caseworkers can provide practical and emotional support after a hate crime, and our legally trained case supervisors can guide victims on how to pursue appropriate legal action One such case was that of Sana (not her real name), a school […]

Workplace discrimination against Muslim teacher

In one case, a Muslim teacher was unfairly dismissed from his role because he was falsely accused of introducing gender segregation in the classrooms. The IRU supported him and helped him take the case to an employment tribunal. We helped prove the allegations were wholly incorrect and we were able to secure £5,000 as a […]

Estate Agent discrimination

A Muslim brother was looking for a property to rent and was thus liaising with an estate agent. The agent showed him an open plan property to which he said no to listing various reasons, one of which was that his wife wore a niqab and as such would not feel comfortable hosting friends and […]

Schoolgirl attacked and physically abused on the Bus for being Muslim

The client, Hajra* is a 14-year-old girl who wears the headscarf. At around 16:30, Hajra, her friend Fatima*, and sister Khadijah*, were on a bus on their way back from school. Due to it being peak time, the bus was extremely busy and there were no seats available. At one stop, the suspect and their […]

I suffered numerous instances of religious discrimination at my workplace

The client, Ayesha*, suffered numerous instances of religious discrimination at her workplace. This included staff events where Ayesha had expressed on numerous that due to her religious beliefs, she did not want to attend events or venues that involved heavy drinking, such as pubs and horse races. On one occasion, Ayesha’s manager responded to her […]

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